I'm Yang :D

Glad you're here! I'm a multi-disciplinary designer, facilitator, visual story-teller, and declutterer. You can find my detailed experience on LinkedIn or in my resume. I document life, doodles, and dad jokes on Instagram while practicing writing about design on Medium. Putting on my design leader glasses is a series I wrote.

I'm also working on a side project about "How to present design research at different scales to different audiences". I’m hoping this post can be a starting point for people to develop the best research advocate solutions for their own organizations. Interested? EMAIL ME!

Some of my works have been featured in industry publications.

↗  Case Study Club 1
↗  Case Study Club 2
↗  Bestfolios.com

& non-UX work

Planning and organizing is a huge part of my life. This is my second year journaling on hobonichi.

Studying and working in 4 nations has turned me into a critical thinker and a bias challenger.

Redesigning a poster for Rear Window.

Shooting a binder clip.

Books I'm reading: Weapons of Math Destruction and Everybody Writes.

This is an abstract fish behaving like a Lorenz Attractor.

I doodle a lot and sometimes illustrate.

Commercial shot for a (not real) artificial meat company.

Swag I made for Uber China.

Coding crown shyness with Processing.

A poster generated from arrays.

Prototyping a smart sport band featuring persistence of vision using Arduino.

A comic about metropolitan life.

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Some facts
I like about myself.

I have a media art background, where I was able to explore a wide range of interactive and non-interactive works using creative media and whimsical methodologies.

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My favorite research methods are field observation and shadowing.

I also enjoys handcrafting the microcopy and peppering some humor on my work.

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Books I've been reading for a while: Weapons of Math Destruction and Everybody Writes. The former one fulfills my passion in ethical design, while the later one is a great assistance for my writing practices.

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I proudly challenge my bias all the time. I grew up under an environment where diversity in opinions is overlooked. But having studied and worked in 4 nations across Asia, Europe and North America, I have gained the ability to keep checking my assumptions and see the world with non-judging eyes.

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I'm a 89% cat person, according to the number of cat pictures in my album.

and finally...

Thank you so much for visiting and being willing to learn more about me!