Glad you're here!

You can find my most detailed experience on LinkedIn and a more focused version in my resume. I document life, doodles, dad jokes on Instagram and occasionally write design thoughts on Medium.

Additionally, I'm working on and off on a side project about "presenting design research at different scales to different audiences". Iā€™m hoping to assist designers and non-designers to develop better research sharing solutions for their organizations. Happy to chat if you are having the same headache!

I'm also honored to have my work recognized by some influencers in the field šŸ’œ

ā†— Ā Coursera
ā†— Ā Case Study Club 1
ā†— Ā Case Study Club 2
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& non-UX work

I doodle a lot and sometimes illustrate

Just blobs feeding on data

My Hobonichi planners since 2018

Binder clips photography but make it cool

Imagining what artificial meat would look like in 2030 (hint: 70% chicken, 30% rhino)

The plaid pattern was generated from calendar schedules :P

The cities I lived in šŸ’œ

Crown shyness simulated with code (so you know I can code, sort of)

I'm against working-overtime, unless it's designing company swags

Thanks for scrolling!

Some facts
I like about myself.

I have a media art background, where I was able to explore a wide range of interactive and non-interactive works using creative media and whimsical methodologies.

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My favorite research methods are field observation and shadowing.

I also enjoys handcrafting the microcopy and peppering some humor on my work.

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Books I've been reading for a while: Weapons of Math Destruction and Everybody Writes. The former one fulfills my passion in ethical design, while the later one is a great assistance for my writing practices.

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I proudly challenge my bias all the time. I grew up under an environment where diversity in opinions is overlooked. But having studied and worked in 4 nations across Asia, Europe and North America, I have gained the ability to keep checking my assumptions and see the world with non-judging eyes.

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I'm a 89% cat person, according to the number of cat pictures in my album.

and finally...

Thank you so much for visiting and being willing to learn more about me!