Yang Qian,
Product Designer

I am a curious individual, a keen observer, a team’s pencil sharpener, and a Product Designer. I am not a one-woman band, a UI artist, or any kind of egoist. I thrive on tackling complexities, sweating meaningful details, building design culture, and making tools.

Rebuilding an admin configuration tool

HighlightsΒ [Web app], [Internal/Admin tools], [Product debt], [Version management], [Code vs. GUI], [Usability testing], [Engineer collaboration], [Feature prioritization], [User adoption]

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Vislizer: A research advocate system

Highlights [Creative research deliverables], [Research democratization], [Enterprise product], [Complex stakeholders]

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Highlights [Design for social impact], [Rapid prototyping], [Game design], [Usability testing], [Success metrics], [Project management]

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Gotham quick search

HighlightsΒ [Desktop software], [Enterprise software], [Ubiquitous search], [Cross-app operability], [Micro interaction], [Syntax search], [Feature prioritization], [User adoption]

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Highlights [Cross-functional team], [Hard-coded demo], [Project management], [Inclusive design]

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Highlights [System design], [Concept mapping], [Personal finance], [Product ecosystem], [Fintech for students]

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Highlights [Healthcare innovation], [Wireframing], [High fidelity prototype], [Motion design]

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