Yang Qian,
Product Designer

I am a curious individual, a human observer, a team’s pencil sharpener, and a product designer. I am not a one-woman band, a UI artist, a defensive critiquer, or any kind of egoist. I thrive on tackling complex systems and architecture, sweating meaningful details, and facilitating my teams.


Highlights [Cross-functional Team], [Hard-coded Demo], [Project Management], [Inclusive Design]

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Highlights [system design], [concept mapping], [personal finance], [product ecosystem]

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Highlights [Design for Social Impact], [rapid prototyping], [game design], [usability test], [success metrics], [project management]

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Vislizer - A Research Advocate System

Highlights [Creative Research Deliverables], [Research Democratization], [Enterprise Product], [Complex Stakeholders]

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Highlights [healthcare innovation], [wireframing], [high fidelity prototype], [motion design]

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